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3 monotone art ideas that can inject your personality into your space

It is incredibly hard to plan spaces that are stylish, contemporary and exude the personalities of the primary users. Over the years, a lot of design trends have changed. Rooms have shifted from safe neutrals on the wall and colorful accessories to bold colors on the walls and monotone accessories. The challenge of getting the latter right is wall art. While in previous years, one could get away with colorful wall art, the vibrant walls of 2019, will not allow paintings or photographs in bold colors to survive. Here are 3 ideas that will make your walls look fantastic while also personalizing your space to reflect your unique personality.


Silhouette Art: If you are mostly using black accessories, silhouettes are a simple, fun and timeless idea to dress your walls. An idea that carries over from old England, silhouettes of various sizes have been used for a very long time. A lot of depersonalized silhouette prints of people as well as pets are available online and can be printed and framed. However, if you are looking for that very special conversation starter piece, try SlmieMiddle’s artist rendered, handmade silhouettes, extracted from your favorite photos (embed link). Our artists can render custom silhouettes in A3 or A2 size for you. The rule with custom art is that it needs to be large enough to occupy a feature wall alone and it needs to be unique enough to evoke interest. Adding even a simple frame to a large silhouette creates a dramatic effect on feature walls and is sure to add the wow factor to your room.

Pro tip: Using an old frame (or adding an aged effect to a new frame with paint) will make your silhouettes really stand out and will soften the stark bold walls of your room by adding visual interest and depth.


Pencil Drawings: There is something remarkably bohemian and chic about pencil drawings. If you have a personality that people find interesting and honest on the one hand and mysterious and complex on the other, then your pictures rendered in pencil by our artists are the perfect accessory for your room. Pencil art is complex because interest is created through details and shading rather than color. This quaint sketch style art has a natural old-world charm since the medium creates complexity by using a single tool. This is what makes pencil drawings perfect for capturing memories, we remember occasions and milestones as a complex tapestry of rich details rather than as a perfect color spectrum. Our artists @SmileMiddle can help re-create glorious moments captured through your photos. We offer pencil sketches for as many as 4 subjects in a single photo, drawing interest to not only your unique personality but also your experiences and memories with loved ones. Once you get your SmileMiddle pencil sketch, all you have to do is clip it to the wall, or frame it, and voila! You now have a wall that is truly representative of your uniqueness.

 Pro Tip: Use pencil sketches to tell a story on your bold walls. Whether it is the story of how you met your spouse, or how your love evolved from beer (or coffee!) to your spouse to your now growing family, pencil sketches are great story telling tools because they are understated, have lovely details and are remarkably poignant.



Charcoal Art: Charcoal is an interesting medium for custom art. Depending on your personal style and the look of your room, it can offer art that is rough and rugged or an emotional resonance that is raw and vulnerable. Whether you’re trying to convey the quirky or the elegant, this monotone style is sure to deliver. It combines an extremely custom, handmade feel with an urban aesthetic. The highlights that our artists @SmileMiddle select within your photos often complement either the sentiment behind the picture or the unique elements of your personality. You can use smart geometric metal frames with clean lines if you’re trying to achieve a modern minimalist look or you can frame your charcoal portrait in an ornate neutral frame for an elegant room. of the frame, or the stormy greys from your art in a few places around your room to compel your visitors’ eye to travel around the room and return to your statement art piece after appreciating the rest of your ambiance.


Pro Tip: Don’t forget to repeat the color


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