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Cyber Monday is here... Where are you?

While you are still recovering from the  Halloween bash and the likes and loves and Haha reacts are still pouring on your costume click, the world has moved into its annual holiday season.

The air is filled with snow-capped holiness of Christmas and the warmth of family and hot chocolate. The grocery stores have stacked up cranberry sauce bottles and Christmas decorations, and the month seems to be flying on angel wings.

This festivity, however, is not sans its own tensions or stresses. Every household has multiple shopping lists to tick through and a myriad of gifts to be purchased. The season's greetings and merry tidings are to be packed off in appealing presents, to be sent out to near and dear ones across the world.

So, like always, Cyber Monday, which falls on 26 November this year, comes to your pocket's rescue. Celebrated on the Monday after Thanksgiving, it is a large corporate event, when various online retail stores offer massive discounts on purchases and services. It is the Chicken soup for a shopaholic's soul. One can avail the benefits of shopping from the comfortable confines of your home or office, and fill up one's online carts across the several platforms.

Fun fact : Recent surveys have shown that the volume of online orders made from office computers and mobiles far outstrips the orders received from personal computers. Maybe, its easier to spend the big dollars away from your spouse’s eyes. The attraction of the day is so great that over 110 million people spent a record 3 billion dollars on the special deals of Cyber Monday in 2017. Why should you be left behind?

And while you are at it, do check out what we have to offer at SmileMiddle.

SmileMiddle is an artist's haven and a gift-giver's dream come true. It provides you with what you need most in today's times - a personal touch. We, at SmileMiddle, convert your digital photographs into exquisite handmade portraits, that are sure to melt your heart despite the rapidly falling temperatures.

Treat yourself and your family to the love and warmth of art, with our 5 different styles and 2 distinct sizes of handmade portraits.

All styles are unique and specially designed to bring a smile on your faces. My favorite, though, are Pencil sketches and Colored Pencil sketches.

With their many fine strokes, these sketches seem to speak out the creator's mind. You can literally feel the hand of the artist moving, as your eyes navigate through the many shades and textures of the portrait. Added to this the obvious benefit of its inexpensiveness and uniqueness, which can never be underscored.

 Here, take a look at our samples.  



So, what are you waiting for? Head over to SmileMiddle and book your Handmade Portrait today. It is the best and the loveliest gift (except, of course, your time) that you can ever give to a loved one. You can never be sure about what might break out on Thanksgiving dinner- a discussion on how good the turkey is might easily snowball into a debate on Trump’s likeability -and who would walk out with a swollen face. But you can at least restore a curve on their lips with this worthy present.

 Packaging personal touch with professionalism, SmileMiddle's your place for Cyber Monday retailing and stocking up gifts for the impending Christmas festivities. The marvel of our sketches would sure captivate the most delicate senses of the heart and the soul.

Happy Shopping!!.

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