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Diwali gift ideas for your Boss: Extract a pay raise this festive season!

The burning of Ravana's effigy on Dussehra is more than a celebration of the victory of good over evil. It is a signal, that Diwali is coming, and that friends are going to drop by to exchange greetings. 

Since the tradition is hundreds of years old, thousands of ideas have already been tried. It, hence, seems that there is little room for innovation in the ceremony. The problem becomes more pronounced when you really want a ‘stand-out’ moment with your gift. Thus, the most bugging question of the year: "What about the boss's gift?", seems to have a dearth of answers.

Gift for Boss by SmileMiddle

Giving your manager, a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift, is a real challenge. There are several other employees who are competing for his attention, and you have to slip your endorsement through the milieu.

This Diwali, SmileMiddle gives you an opportunity to stand out and, make your gift noticed and rewarded. For “art pleases the eye and soothes the soul", we bring to you, its healing powers, superbly packaged with a personal touch that no other gift would be able to match- Exquisite Handmade Portraits.
Appeal to your boss's higher loyalties and her highbrow tastes by giving her a custom-made family portrait. Choose from among 5 different art styles and two different size options that we offer, and convert your manager's favorite photograph with her spouse or her children, into an elegant art

And while all the styles are equally impressive, my personal favorites are:

1. Oil Paintings: This evergreen style, from out of Renaissance years, is perhaps the finest technique to capture the sentiment of happiness found in family photographs. Used to honor the greatest beings from times immemorial, a remake of your employer's best click ( which can easily be obtained from his Facebook account. You have be-friended him on Facebook, haven't you?) in this medium, will leave her thrilled and make her feel special.
Just imagine walking into her office one day, and seeing your Diwali gift hung on her wall!
The exhilaration is real, right? After all, she would not be able to re-gift it to anyone. Check out our oil painting samples.


2. Charcoal Sketch: For those with monochrome preferences, Charcoal Sketch is the best option. The inexpensive portraits made in carbon medium are, perhaps, the most romantic images ever. Our artists here, at SmileMiddle, craft these artifacts with immeasurable love and compassion, and a charcoal sketch of your boss and her spouse is sure to make it's way to the heart. Check out our charcoal sketch samples.

Maybe, when you visit her house next Diwali, you might find your present proudly displayed in her family drawing room! Of course, she is a bigger 'bawse' at home than in the office - navigating through her myriad of responsibilities like a 'pro'. 

So, shed off your doubts and head to SmileMiddle to check out our range of products. We provide the finest quality at the best of prices. Each sketch is made with great love - an emotion that would reflect itself in our art. Trust me when I say that the timelessness of art would sure make for a compelling gift, and the personal touch would warm the coldest of bosses into giving you the increment that you deserve.

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