Free Worldwide Shipping


  1. What kind of photograph do you need to make a portrait / artwork?
    We prefer a soft copy of the photograph sent through e-mail only, preferably the original image taken with a good camera i.e. not copied from WhatsApp/Facebook. In case the image is found inappropriate, we shall contact you.
  2. On what size do you make portraits / artwork?
    We usually make portraits / artwork in A3 size (42cms X 30cms). However, we can work on any size as per the demand. Prices will vary with the size.
  3. How do I place an order?
    You just have to fill up the contact form and then you'll get an email within 3 hours on the email ID mentioned by you in the form. It'll be taken forward over email / call.
  4. When should I place an order?
    An order should be placed preferably 5 days in advance. However, we may take orders on an urgent basis also, but only after checking the address and other details.
  5. How do I know the prices of different artworks?
    You just have to fill up the contact form and the complete price chart will be emailed to you within 3 hours.
  6. Are the delivery charges included?
    Yes, the price is inclusive of all the charges for delivery in India. You don’t have to pay extra for anything. International delivery charges are additional.
  7. Do you deliver outside India?
    Yes, we deliver outside India as well. We deliver almost everywhere across the globe.
  8. When do I have to pay?
    We work only on advance payment basis. The reason is, the hard work of the artist is at stake, and we value the hard work of anyone.
  9. How do I proceed with the payment?
    We will give you a payment link which accepts credit cards, debit cards and net banking as the payment modes. We are also open for UPI / NEFT transactions.
    International payments are accepted through PayPal and Western Union.
  10. Do you share the image of the artwork with us before physical shipping?
    No, we neither share any work-in-progress image nor the final image of the artwork with you. We directly deliver the physical artwork to the destination. NO Exceptions! Please don't ask for it.
  11. Can I cancel my order after placing?
    Order once placed may be canceled within 24 hours only. In such cases, 80% of the amount paid will be refunded.
  12. Do you deliver in villages or remote areas?
    Yes. We deliver all across India, but the delivery time may vary from place to place.
  13. Do you provide any gift wrap? If yes, at what extra charges?
    Yes. We provide gift wrap at no extra cost, it’s totally free.
  14. Does the portrait come with a frame? If yes, at what extra charges?
    The order is delivered in hardboard packing, but without any framing. We ensure that the packaging is completely water-proof and stress proof.